The art of Taxidermy

As well as being a graphic designer and Illustrator, when I get the time I also practice the art of Taxidermy.

I have always had a big love and fascination for natural history and wildlife since a very young age.

I also love to study the anatomy of animals of all kinds, so I have been an avid animal skull collector for some time now.

In early 2014, I took my first taxidermy lesson at St Bartholomew hospital, London; I was instantly hooked on this bizarre and incredible art form.

Later on in 2014, I graduated University from University Campus Suffolk in Bury St Edmunds with a Bachelor’s First Class Honours degree after studying graphic communications for 3 years. My final major project consisted of my passions for both design and taxidermy – they collided to make my own taxidermy brand – ‘Perished Pets’